He is graduating this time for sure (update): Service Doggy graduation gown for Afghanistan war vet


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Blake is actually graduating this time and in the other thread we were talking about getting his service dog Zoid a graduation gown (Bachelors degree).

He was injured by a road side bomb, lost much of his vision, has other damage that prevents him from going up and down stairs, etc. He has a service dog.

He does have paypal (whisper to me) if you want to give him a graduation present. Or I can collect it and send him an Amazon gift certificate (people were talking about doing one/both before).

I need to collect money to pay for this (since he ended up needing to stay one more term I never followed through in the end to get this for him last semester). I am trying to get hold of the women to find out if the pricing is still the same (around $75 or so but I want to add priority shipping so that we are sure there will be plenty of time to deal with the slit that needs made in the gown for his dog’s harness) and will post as soon as she gets back to me.

Don’t think we have time for people to individually pay her (that was OK with her when we talked about it last time) but what I can do is whisper to anyone the receipt if they want it. I can’t do this (likely I will need to put it on my credit card in advance) unless I have a commitment from enough people for most of it as my job ends in 3 weeks, I don’t have another one yet and I can’t afford to pay for all/most of it myself.

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