18K Gold Filled Graduated Pearl Necklace

  • They said, “Layers are for cakes, not necklaces,” and Pacific Pearls said, “Oh yeah? Then explain THIS!”
  • The pearls are peach (in terms of color, not flavor).
  • No night classes needed, because the setting is 18K rose gold filled graduated necklace.
  • That joke was so bad. We’re sorry.
  • Like wearing stuff? How about shirts, like the ones we sell at Mediocritee?
  • Model: Yes, we imagine many models would love such a necklace!
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Some Thoughts

Our in-depth research into the concept of Occam’s razor tells us that it means, essentially, simpler fixes are better than complicated ones. Okay, we might have just read that on Wikipedia. And by ‘on Wikipedia’ we mean in the tiny wikipedia sidebar that pops up on a Google search. But then again, isn’t reading a lot of complex scholarly articles about Occam’s razor at odds with the concept itself?

Anyway, why are we bringing this up? Two reasons. First, because we’re selling a shirt about it. And second, because there is never a time that Occam’s razor is more applicable than when giving gifts.

Everyone says, ‘It’s the thought that counts.’ But no one ever says it right after they’ve gotten a great gift. If the gift giver or receiver has to say, ‘It’s the thought that counts,’ then the thought has not counted enough. Or maybe the thought has counted too much. As in, perhaps the gift giver has overthought things a little bit.

Maybe in your quest to give the perfect gift, you’ve outsmarted yourself. You’ve tried too hard. You’ve catalogued the recipient’s hobbies and interests, and you’ve researched products related to those hobbies and interests, and you’ve bought them something truly inline with what you’d think they’d want. Except, no amount of research you can do during the month of gift-selection is going to match their level of knowledge. So, there’s a chance the thing you’ve gotten them is a) something they already have; or b) something they know about and have decided they don’t want but now have to use in order not to be a bad, ungrateful friend, family member, or significant other.

Commence, a kind smile, and someone uttering, ‘Well, it’s the thought that counts.’

But really, we need to take Occam’s razor to this phrase and whittle away at it a bit. It’s not the thought that counts. It’s that you thought at all that counts. Which could be otherwise phrased as: it’s that you remembered this gift-giving occasion that counts.

And what’s the nice and easy and pretty to show that you remember?

Jewelry, duh!

Hence, you should buy this necklace.

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