Look Smart Trivia: Nuts


You know what’s nuts? The way nuts look when they’re still on the tree. Be the first to ID these five pre-harvest, pre-drying nuts and you’ll score a $5 Meh coupon. Pedants beware: I’m using “nuts” in its culinary sense, which may admit the odd drupe or seed. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

@cinoclav is either a great video detective, or spent the entire Ford, Carter, and Reagan administrations on a couch. Either conclusion is borne out by their performance in our TV Miniseries of the 70s & 80s video quiz yesterday, correctly naming these multi-hour gems of TV gone by:

  1. The Winds of War
  2. Centennial
  3. The Moneychangers
  4. Amerika
  5. Bare Essence