120-Pack: Jellifit Immunity & Energy Support Gels

  • Serious nutrition and energy for serious-ish athletes (and wannabes).
  • Made with real strawberry, mango, peach and green apple juices
  • Contains 500mg Taurine, 30mg Caffeine from Guarana, 11mg Zinc, along with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B9, C & E
  • Energy drinks are ridiculous. Try these weird energy gel things instead.
  • Can it make a margarita? You’re supposed to be working out right now…
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Again with the Taurine??

“Okay—this is just a brainstorming session, no bad ideas, no bad ideas. So far we want our new energy drink to have caff—“


“Please wait your turn, Johnson. We’re going to want caffeine, definitely some suga—“


“Bro, settle down. Literally nobody knows or cares what that is. We’re going to need caffeine and sugar and vitami—”


“HOLY SHIT MAN. What the hell. Can you cool is with the taurine already?”

“It’s taurine like Taurus. Like a bull. We can put a badass bull on the can.”

“Johnson you brilliant son of a bitch.”


This is why you’ve heard of taurine. Today’s deal has it, too. It also has caffeine and vitamins and blah blah blah. A bunch of good stuff.

Only instead of being in some energy drink that’s three bucks a can due to 3 percent production costs and 97 percent having to pay for snowboarders to jump out of helicopters, you’re getting all that good stuff in weird gel form that’s honestly going to be a little awkward to eat. It’s kind of like that Airhead candy or maybe some Jolly Ranchers three-quarters of the way to their melting point. It’s odd.

But it’s also super handy. Because the only people slugging an energy drink mid-workout are people being paid to (while ensuring that the can logo is pointed directly at the drone camera).

Try slugging one of those things on your bike or midway through a run. You’ll probably choke to death before you even have a chance to make your heart explode. It’s dumb. That shit is for the snowboard helicopter guys and young stock brokers who missed the point of the Wall Street movies. (Dated reference? Try Wolfe of Wall Street. Boiler Room if you want to split the difference.)

So for real energy and nutrition for doing real athlete stuff—this is your deal. (Also this many of these would retail for like $130, so get while the gettin’ is good.)

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