12-Pack: The Only Bean Crunchy Roasted High Protein Edamame Snack (Sriracha)

  • A good dose of protein (13g) and fiber (5g) per 1oz serving, without the carbs (only 3g net)
  • You get (12) 4oz bags… that’s 3 pounds o’ beans total
  • A great healthy snack to tide you over between meals
  • Also, a great addition to your salad, toast, hummus, or whatever you want
  • “Best by 6/12/22” (That’s why they’re a buck per bag, compared to $4.49/bag)
  • Can they make margaritas: Margaritas might be the only thing these things wouldn’t improve
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Add Some Texture

Varying your diet in the winter is a delight. Eat a big hoagie and need something a little lighter that nonetheless feels satisfying? Make a soup with some sweet potatoes, veggies, a little bit of sausage, and a light spicy broth. It’ll feel indulgent while you eat it, but it won’t sit like a brick in your gut for hours afterward.

In the summer, the light meal after a too-big meal is… not as fun. You’re probably looking at a salad. Which will inevitably be bad.

Okay, fine. Salads aren’t always bad. But it really does seem like they can go one of two ways: you can have a really simple salad that’s light in terms of calories and carbs and all that, but also light in terms of flavor; or you can have a really delicious salad with flavor and protein and texture, a little heat maybe, a little sweet. The only problem is all those flavors and textures turn said salad into something heavy. A bunch of croutons? A bunch of meat? A bunch of dressing? Sounds a lot like your post-hoagie recovery meal is just a deconstructed hoagie overtop a bed of greens.

That’s where these Edamame Beans from The Only Bean come in.

Sure, they’re flavored with sriracha and can be a snack unto themselves. But with 13 grams of protein, 3 grams of net carbs (hello, Ketosis-seekers), and a solid 5-gram helping of fiber per serving, they’re also a great salad additive come mealtime. Or a nice crumble to sprinkle over your avocado toast or homemade hummus.

Also, they’re gluten-free.

Also, they’re vegan.

Basically, they’re perfect for every kind of eater. And we’re selling them at a very reasonable buck-per-bag. So grab some, and add a healthy dose of crunch to your diet.

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