110-Pack: Eveready Silver Alkaline AA Batteries

  • Batteries? Ever heard of them?
  • This is 110 batteries
  • They are AA batteries
  • Are they Mac compatible: Yes, and by ‘Mac,’ we mean ‘Sega Gamegear’
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It's Batteries

Hi honey! Yeah, grab a seat!

What’s that? You want to watch another episode of Severance? I mean, sure, we could do that. OR! We could keep watching this marathon of Real Hunting Housewives of House Hunter Hunters Duluth!

No, it’s not a real estate show, actually. It’s about the spouses of the people who find the people who go on House Hunters in Duluth, Minnesota, all of whom–the spouses, I mean–are avid bow hunters. So it’s actually a lot of footage of them out in the woods with their bows and–

Oh, jeez! Wow! She’s really going to town breaking down that deer carcass!

Yes, honey, I am a vegetarian, and pretty squeamish when it comes to blood, but, I just thought it would be interesting to see how the other half lives, so to speak. And maybe I thought it might help me understand–

Oh, yikes! What is that? A liver?! Yuck!

This bucket next to the couch? Haven’t we always had it here? Or, you know what? You’re right! I did just bring it in from the garage. To have if either of us gets sick watching our favorite new show, Real Hunting Housewives of House Hunter Hunters Duluth. Not that either of us would. I mean, yes, there’s a fair amount of hunting and stuff, but really it’s a show about relationshi–

Did she just eat that?! Without cooking it?! That doesn’t seem medically advisable! Oh gosh, I’m feeling a little lightheaded. Would you pass me the bucket?

Look, I’ll level with you, honey. I was looking around for something to watch and I accidentally hit play on this and then the batteries in the remote died. And I went to go change them, but we only have AAAs, and apparently, this is the one remote in the world that takes AAs. So I’m sorry to say, we’re going to have to learn to love this show because apparently there are 58 seasons to get through before something else autoplays.

What’s that? You bought AA batteries? 110 of them? For just 27 dollars? We’re saved!

Also, wow, that’s a heck of a deal. Where’d you find it?

Honey, that doesn’t sound like a real site at all.

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