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10-Pack Farberware Food Hugger Silicone Food Savers

  • Tired: tree huggers
  • Wired: veggie huggers
  • Seriously, these are cool: they’ll help you preserve fruits and veggies without taking up too much space
  • Also, they work as lids for cans and jars
  • Model: 603-849, 518-316 (One of these is shockingly close to the first 6 letters of phone numbers in my hometown. Coincidence? Yes. Absolutely.)
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When you organize stuff around the house, it’s easy to get nostalgic. You’re going through your desk or your cabinets or your closet and you find things that fill you with a warm cozy feeling. Hey, there’s that card your friend from college sent you! And here are some old photos of you and your spouse from when things were just getting serious! And cute: a picture of your dog when she was just a puppy! And a shirt you got on that one special vacation! It can be soothing.

Cleaning out the fridge is a different kind trip down memory lane. It’s like in a horror movie, when the monstrous blob confronts the scientist and croaks in a barely human voice: “you… did… this… to… me.” You’re not remembering that vacation or those great times in college. You’re remembering when you used half an eggplant for a pasta dish two months ago and were sure that you’d find something to do with the rest. Only you didn’t, and it got pushed to the back of the fridge, and now poor eggplant’s undergone some… changes.

Making matter’s worse: you put it in an oversized Tupperware, so you can either, a) toss the whole thing, and take the loss on the container; or b) open it, filling the kitchen with rotten eggplant stank while you struggle to breathe through your mouth.

Making matters even worse than that: you didn’t need a whole Tupperware! Because most fruits and vegetables have their own built-in Tupperwares. Like a rind or a skin. So if you cut a vegetable in half, you shouldn’t toss it in a plastic bowl and lock a lid on it. Because the exposed part is still exposed and the non-exposed part doesn’t need protection.

That’s where these huggers come in. They cover the part you cut, not the part that’s already covered by the fruit or veggie’s natural preservation system. Plus, they can serve as lids for cans and jars. Which is another thing you learn when you’re cleaning and organizing: you have 200 containers and 200 lids, and somehow, like, 6 of them match. And 3 of those are currently filled with lime wedges from that time you decided to make mojitos in 2016.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. I would never let it get to that point in my own house.

Anyway, buy some huggers!

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