1- or 2-pack: Case Logic Laptop & Tablet Bag

  • You get a nice bag for $10
  • Or you get two nice bags for $14
  • We nailed that, right? 10 times 2 is 14?
  • Supports laptops (and tablets) up to 14.1 inches
  • Pockets big enough to hold charging and other accessories
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but hot damn, imagine how dangerous it would be if you could order a second margarita for 60% off!
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One More

Basically, you have two options here.

The first option is one bag for $10. What kind of bag? A little briefcase that can hold a laptop (up to 14.1”) and a tablet. Also, there are other compartments for files (where they won’t get creased), and your phone. You can probably fit a few other things, like some cables and maybe even a book, unless your preferred length is 800 pages and up, and even then, maybe?

The second option is the same thing as described above, but you spend a few bucks more and get a whole other bag. Like, not even buy one, get the other half-off. Cheaper than that.

And yes, we understand we’re being devious.

Because here’s what we’re thinking: you see one bag for $10, you’re probably not going to be too excited. You might think, hell, that’s not a bad price, yet if you don’t need a bag, who cares, right?

But the need issue goes out the window when the second option is introduced. Now, one of these bags is less than five bucks. And less than five bucks is the kind of price that you can’t ignore. So from there, you either:

a. Buy the two bags for $14.


b. Realize you don’t actually need two bags, but the allure of the super cheap bag has instilled in you the desire to have a new bag, and so, you opt for the 1-for-$10 option in an attempt to be reasonable, even though, as just established, you don’t really need a new bag at all.

Actually, one more possibility:

c. You do need a bag like this (or two), in which case, there’s no duping involved at all; it’s just a totally reasonable transaction between two willing parties.

Long story short, let’s get weird!

Now, on a brief side note: Am I alone in moving away from bags like this at the exact wrong time? Feels like I had a backpack as a child, then a shoulder bag thing as a college student/young adult, and then went back to backpacks just as they started making laptops that were functional and good yet didn’t weigh 45 pounds. Now, I shlep around a backpack when I go somewhere to work/write and I sometimes have to turn around and check to make sure I remembered my computer because it’s so light the weight doesn’t even register!

Does this mean I should probably buy this bag? Or two of them?


And maybe you should too! After all, they’re good little bags for pretty cheap.

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