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Englander Luxury Double High Air Mattress With Built In Pump (Twin, Black)

  • They’re pretty tall (20")
  • The pump is built right in
  • Inflates in around 90 seconds
  • Make two into a king with one of these things (makeshift Sleep Number?)
  • Is it Mac compatible: No, and please, stop trying to shove your MacBook Air into this thing; you’re only going to damage one or both of them
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What’s cool about an air mattress is, if you have one, any room can be a guest bedroom. Your office. Your living room. The kitchen. The weird little room in the basement. Anywhere!

A friend’s passing through town for a night or two? All you need to do is make a mattress-sized space on the floor, spread one out, plug it in, and pump it up.

Now, you might notice two things there:

  1. We didn’t say, “spread one out, go to the closet, look for the pump, find the pump, attach the pump, start the pump, walk away, come back, see the mattress is still flat, re-insert the pump, make sure it’s really in there,” etc. The reason? Because the one we’re selling today is a nice air mattress that has the pump built right in. (It’s also comfortably tall; that’s another way in which it is a nice air mattress.)

  2. We mentioned “a mattress-sized space on the floor.” But what size mattress is the ideal air mattress? We’d argue twin, and not just because that’s what we’re selling here today. The bigger the mattress, the more stuff you’ve gotta move to make room. And this is especially annoying when all this effort is for a single sleeper.

But then, you might be thinking, what do you do when you are entertaining a couple? Insist on some tight spooning?

Not necessary.

At least, not if you have two of these twins and one of these things to turn them into a king.

Is this all a ploy to get you to buy two air mattresses instead of one? Maybe. But you have to admit, it’s pretty appealing to have the versatility to host one or two people in a variety of configurations.

What’s also appealing: two of these from us would still cost about $30 less than one from Amazon.

Not bad, eh?

So buy one. Or two.

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