3-Pack: 3.5mm Bluetooth Adapter

  • Convert your wired headphones into wireless headphones… with a long wire, attached to a big thing.
  • Look, if you want to use really cheap wired headphones with your jack-less device, these are for you.
  • Conversely, if you want to use really amazing wired headphones with your jack-less device, this are also for you.
  • Maybe you could use it with an AUX cable if your car doesn’t have bluetooth?
  • We have not tested that.
  • Model: Y0U-BLU3-1T.
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Opposites Are Attracted

It’s always interesting to see a product that caters exclusively to the extreme ends of the customer spectrum. But we’ll get to that in a second. First, we need to talk about what these things actually are.

They convert headphones into bluetooth headphones. So you plug your normal old headphones or earbuds or speakers in, and then you can use them with your various jack-less devices. This is NOT something for converting your non-bluetooth device into a bluetooth device. That’s an entirely different adapter.

Anyway, back to the extremes of the customer spectrum. Most people are going to look at this thing and say, “Uh, why?” After all, there are plenty of good bluetooth earbuds available for between 20 and 60 bucks, which is an entirely reasonable price range. Or so they think. But there are two groups who would disagree:

  1. Excessively cheap people: these are the people that would hear you spent $30 on earbuds and wonder aloud if you’re, like, the heir to some fortune. They shop for earbuds at the pharmacy, and that’s when they’re feeling indulgent. Otherwise, it’s straight to the dollar store. They’re the ones who would ask, “Hey what did you do with headphones that came with that Sansa? Do you want those, or…?” They might think static and distorted vocals are just part of music at this point. And so, when their devices surpass the abilities of their cache of garbage buds, there’s no way they’re buying a pair of bluetooth enabled ones for upwards of 15 whole dollars; no way, they’re getting a 3-pack of these bluetooth adapters for 9 bucks, so they can keep being super cheap.

  2. Excessively pretentious audiophiles: “Your limit is $60?” these people might say. “Then why bother with music at all!” Because they can only ever use a pair of $2000 over-the-ear headphones that not only cancel out external noise but also sight, smell, and touch, so that all of their sensory energy is funneled directly into the act of listening. Thus, when they must play a track through their new iPhone (to decide whether or not they want to purchase the album on vinyl, of course), do you really think they’re going to slum it with some lesser-than bluetooth crap? No, sir! So it looks like they’ll need an adapter.

See? These are perfect for those who don’t care about how they listen, and also those who care just a little too much. But the real question is: which are you?

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