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Pick-Your-2-Pack: Animal Masks

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  • Masks are fun to have!
  • You honestly just never know when you might need something like this
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April Fools' Eve Meh-rathon, Challenge Edition

You never know when you’re going to want some animal masks to wear! (But seriously, get these and stash them away. Then, come October, wear one of them with a suit. Is it social satire? Is it surrealist? Who knows and who cares!)

Current Challenge: Start with: ““This is your captain speaking”” and describe what you plan to do with the rest of your day as if you are the pilot at the beginning of a long flight.


The basics: We’re doing a little April Fools’ Day game, asking our users to complete a series of ridiculous, stupid, and fun (we hope) photography/writing/drawing tasks throughout the day. The current challenge is listed above with a link to the forum topic to post your entry if you want to participate.

But why: Because April Fools’ Day has grown tiresome. Sure, maybe we laughed the first few years that corporations took on the challenge of lying to their customers. But then, we got to the point where Continental was tweeting about their new airliner constructed entirely from bacon or whatever and it got a little old. We want to celebrate April Fools’ Day in a fun way.

Okay, but why on March 31st: Because you’re more likely to be tethered to your computer on a Friday than a Saturday.

Will there be winners: Yes! The winner will be whoever gets the most votes on their entry!

Will there be prizes: Yes! The pride of knowing you had some fun on the internet!

So, there won’t be prizes: Correct. Unless you want to bag yourself the prize of Instant Regret by heading on over to SideDeal. Besides, it may only cost you a penny if you follow the rules!

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