Your cash back credit card of choice?

qwerty82 thought this was worth mentioning said

I am thinking about getting a new credit card that has cash back rewards. I don’t know much about this stuff but I have been trying to do some research tonight and learned these are some criteria to list:

  • I have excellent credit (according to the score Wells Fargo gives me every month)
  • I pay my credit card bill off in full each month
  • I don’t hold a balance (that’s the same thing as above, right? lol sorry)
  • I don’t need balance transfers.
  • I don’t travel or need miles
  • I only have 2 credit cards currently

I just want a good cash back option but there are so many it’s hard to figure out a good one… I’d prefer one with no annual fee.

Anyone have any thoughts? Do you have a card with nice cash back rewards? Is the reward worth the hassle of opening up a new card and possibly taking a hit to my credit score?