WTF: Daybreak


As we round the corner to year five here on Meh, we’re looking for new areas to grow that help us to get bigger and better deals. A few of you may remember @snapster’s post Why Sellouts are our Goal. The second to last paragraph of that post is still quite relevant to our strategy today. Don’t worry, we’re not bracing you for an impactful change – just calling this back to mind for gentle relevance.

We’ve created “circuit breakers” and started email notifications for our deals over the past few years, looking for ways to honor the classic model we invented while adapting to today’s internet environment. A few months ago, we tweaked that again, shifting the second release to 11am eastern. While subtle, this change allowed a larger portion of inventory to be served in the classic way (at midnight, without emails) while allowing the later-morning event to be something more like a “mainstream public release”.

We’re now opening that 11am eastern time public release to our other sites on the platform. On MorningSave, this implementation takes the form of Daybreak. The goal here is to expand the visibility and sales of our deal to the customers we’ve gained from our TV and other media partnerships. That will then let us go buy more stuff, which will let us get bigger deals on that stuff. You know, economies of scale.

So from midnight to 11am, the deal is Meh-only. At 11am, it’ll launch on MorningSave (and eventually, other sites) at the same price (and obviously continue on Meh).

If you’re a Meh-only type, the only thing you might notice is a bigger sales spike on our stats graph around 11. And possibly some higher volume / higher discount things we’d previously had to pass on as too large to handle. If you shop around all the Mediocre family of sites, you’ll see a new daily deal module. Feel free to check it out. Heck, feel free to buy from there if you want to see what that’s like. It’s all the same price, anyway. (Coupon codes are both site and offer-specific, though, so Daybreak may not accept ones you can use on Meh or elsewhere.)

We’re continuing to work on Meh, and other retail sites (maybe one day we’ll actually get a shirt site up and running), and we’ll keep you up-to-date on anything new that launches.