Who you gunna call? GOATS BUTTER. (March 2020 Scapegoat blame thread.)


The tradition of passing one goat blame to another goat is mine this month. It’s truly an honor to transfer the goat.

However, I wish that I had the time, talent and resources to make a video replacing the song lyrics to Amazing Grace with goat noises, but alas, you’ll have to settle with my Ghostbusters joke in the title and a list of 47 ADDITIONAL goat puns here. Please just use your imagination for the song.

As we retire @kuoh from being the scapegoat, the responsibility is now passed to @amehzinggrace.

With great power, comes great responsibility?

To kick it off, I suppose I can blame them for the inability to make my goat song that I just thought of five minutes ago.

enter image description here