Who ya gonna blame? Goatbusters! (Your official July 2019 Cinoclav blame thread.)


So, it’s finally happened. Somehow I managed to sneak under the radar for years. Stayed just quiet enough to be overlooked for goatdom while still being an overactive community member. Ironically, July 3rd will be my 5 year anniversary with meh, so I guess I couldn’t ask for a more appropriate month to be goated. Many thanks to @tinamarie1974 for her month of being our goat mistress, and one final blame for her nominating me.

After dwelling on what I could do this month to make it a little interesting, I’ve decided on ‘Cinoclav’s Field of 32’! Yep, just like that NCAA thingy with the cool grid, we’re going to be voting to find our all time favorite meh product(s) that’s been sold. Well, at least the favorite out of the ones I chose to be featured anyway. Screw all that other junk. You’ll see a few similar items grouped together (Dyson/Shark), and one that may look like the same damn thing (Contigo/Bubba) that in reality has strong opinions for one or the other. I’ve tried to pick items that we see on a somewhat regular basis, though there’s also a few thrown in there that were one time wonders and integral pieces of meh history. You’ll know them when you see them. The concept is easy enough - I’ll post two items per day, you star your favorite and the winner will move on to the next round. As long as I keep my lazy ass in gear, we should have a winning product just before my goat rolls over and dies. I considered holding off on posting the initial seeds so each day would be a surprise, but that makes it impossible for everyone to place their wagers. Keep your eyes open for the ‘Cinoclav Field of 32 Day x’ thread and place your votes!

enter image description here