Who wants a piece of crap to hang on a tree or whatever else you hang things on?


enter image description here

I did this in a different forum so I figured why the hell not do it here??? You guys are absolutely my jam and I love giving things to people. It’s also my jam. So it’s almost that time for all things holiday. I don’t care if you want to celebrate for yourself or whichever holiday if any at all.

If you’re interested in me making you your very own sillyheathen generated ornament to hang wherever the hell you bloody well please, just comment that you are. Ie fuck yeah! If you’re not interested, don’t comment please as I’d really like to just add names to a spinning wheel thingy and let it do the work. So there you have it. I may pick more than one name. Kind of depends on life.

Merry fucking happy whatever the hell holiday you do or don’t celebrate!