What's everybody typing on?


Put any effort into your keyboard? Have a take on the virtues on 3-pin or 5-pin stabilized key switches over soldered? Have you lubed stabs or filmed switches? Do you care? Does it matter?

It turns out, it’s yet another example of a minor, everyday thing being different than others, and if it can be measured with a value judgment made against it, SOMEONE has commented about it SOMEWHERE on the internet (which we’ve discussed before, was invented exclusively for Star Trek fans to weigh-in over their episode knowledge and so strangers can post cat pictures).

So, run-on sentences aside, my current CS/typing all-day weapon of choice is thus:

Bakeneko65 kit

  • SF-Sacramento KeySwitches (Lubed, Krytox 205G0)
  • OSA-profile Mustard ABS Keycaps
  • Clip-in Cherry MX Stabs (Clipped, Band-aided, Lubed)
  • PCB Tape-mod
  • Silicone pad in case

enter image description here

That’s the daily driver but I have more in the stable for specialized purposes. Anyone else have any obsessive or compulsive tendencies around typing? Or the daily, for that matter? Surely, I can’t be the only one around here. Shirley.