Welcome to the Mediocre family, Casemates


A few of you noted an accidental sneak preview of some work we were doing a month or two back, adding a community destination called Casemates. (kudos @jbartus)

And now this morning some of you have already seen the actual project scope reveal via a Kickstarter campaign that we hope confirms interest in this model.

So rather than wait for the entire site project to be completed, we are launching the community for account creation and general discussions. The preview of the Top Navigation feature you spotted before is back and now fully operational. Or you can navigate directly by just visiting https://casemates.com. You should use your same Meh / Mediocre account to log in.

Casemates is actually a first for us: it’s a joint venture between Mediocre and Wine Country Connect that is a separate entity. However, many of the account features you expect and our community management itself will be there as it is on other Mediocre sites. This arrangement is basically a more formalized structure of what we created on wine.woot together in 2006 that recognizes Wine Country Connect’s team as integral.

In the brief hours since we’ve launched, we’ve already managed to secure a top 10 Kickstarter Most Popular status and are more than 1/3rd of the way to our launch goal! Thank you for supporting our latest project! Let us know if you have any questions we can help answer here.

One thing to keep in mind: Casemates is not Meh. The community there may have plenty of cross-over participants but over time it will become its own place with it’s own vibe and even it’s own community etiquette. We know this because we know how unique the wine.woot community was at Woot, when we backed off and let it chill. If we’re successful on Kickstarter and get this off and running, we can hope for something similar to develop if we’re patient.

A last thing for VMPs: We are sending emails out with information that supporting at the VMP level extends your membership and includes some extra value for already being VMP.