We need an old fashioned Christmas irk

Kidsandliz went on a bit of a rant said

Twas the night before x-mas
All was meh in the house
No creatures were sleeping
Except for the mouse

The meh-ricans were all
At their computers alert
In hopes of a St Nickolas
Old style irk

The employees of meh
Were all home sung in their bed
As they knew not a thing more
Was left to be said

The clock ticked away
Approaching midnight
All anticipated joy
And good fun and delight

When all of a sudden
Who should appear?
Along with the video
No one likes to hear?

There was Irk who was now
Singing his song
That something went so very
Terribly wrong

Then what to the mehricans’
Wondering eyes should appear
Was a message that said,
…. To be continued later….

What about it meh? An old fashioned, $5 (or $10 with inflation) irk where chance plays it’s part, with enough sold at once that even those with long latency can actually get the page to load before it sells out? And have the traditional VMP hour for some too. No need for a meh-rahon (or actually even do it christmas eve since employees and holidays with families), just a one item sale. Be Santa this season and bring an irk.