Vicco electric shaver: anyone else?


Did anyone else who ordered this shaver have it fail on them almost immediately? I tried the rotary shaver but as expected it really pulls at your hair. I bought this unit primarily for the pop-out beard trimmer. The very first time I used it, part of the plastic housing broke and the shaver came apart into four pieces, not even 5 minutes in! I was able to save all the parts before they went down the drain, but there is no way I can repair such a tiny piece of cracked plastic. This is very disappointing. Is Meh able to offer a refund on this purchase, or will I need to go through the manufacturer’s warranty process? The failure seems to be a bit of a design defect; the amount of stress placed upon two very small bits of plastic was an accident waiting to happen. The parts in question should have been made of metal alloy rather than plastic. The tiny plastic piece visible in my photo is what broke off - it was, along with an identical piece on the opposite side, holding the entire blade assembly together, under spring tension even when turned off.

Unusable after about 3 minutes of use.