[Unofficial] Meh app for iOS with notification functionality is here!!


I built an iOS app for meh and came to share the news.

I'm not the first(probably the second), but I think I'm the first with notification feature.

Right now it just notifies you "New deal has been posted!!" for you to check new deal,

but I'm working on a push server so you can get the abstract of the deal via notification.

(so that you don't need to open the app or go to meh.com to check out the deal!!)

The update will be released in 2-4 weeks, I hope. (I takes at least 2 weeks for the apple QA to approve my app)

If you want to try it out, here's the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/midnight-deal-for-meh.com/id961344836?mt=8

Or just search for midnight deal.

Any suggestion or feedback is highly appreciated.


==To sum up

Key Features:

  • Show deal abstract on your iOS Today Widget.

  • Notifies you to check the deal every 12:01 EST

  • Show deal specification, meh talk, blah blah...which your Safari app can also do, probably in more fancy way.
    (If you type meh.com in the address bar)

Upcoming Features:

  • Change font size

  • Dark Mode for those who love the dark

  • Notifies deal abstract every 12:01 EST

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes it crashes.(When meh API malfunctions, my app crash) - will be fixed in next update.