[Unofficial] 3 extra printed Tees to a good home (Men's large)


Backstory: I ordered some shirts from a non Meh/Mercatalyst shirt site (but designed by some artists you may recognize) and for some reason they sent me double of everything. They don’t want the shirts back and I don’t need double of each, so I’m offering to spread the love.

Nowstory: I guess I need to figure out a giveaway. How about:

  • Comment below including the titles of the shirts you would want to win by 9/12 11:59PM.
  • I’ll collect the names and random number generate a winner for each shirt, then ask them to Whisper me a shipping address. I’ll try to avoid a single person winning multiple shirts, unless they are the only person to enter for a particular shirt.
  • I’ll cover shipping if it’s in USPS’s reasonable shipping rates area (I don’t ship that much, so I’ll guess that is lower 48 states).

The Shirts
shirt choices
I will say that the printer they used struggled a bit on the Trex orange. It’s fine from a friendly distance, but not perfect close up.