unheard of 7 day sellout streak...


I was listening to my usual local radio station this morning (yes they still exist) and it happens to be a public-radio affiliate in Dallas (KXT). One of their sound bites is “we are member-supported radio,” which is so boring as to never really get my attention which I love (definitely NOT the “kxt, the republic of music” one - which I hate). More music less talking please. Yes I know I can play a playlist and I do when forced but that’s like giving myself birthday presents - there’s no serendipity.

Anyways this morning I was thinking “You know, Meh is Member Supported too.” Are we missing out on a good vibe by not bragging about how helpful that is to us? It sure seems that way to me, but then again we’re also a regular old commercial enterprise and not a public benefit. Maybe someday it’s worth blurring that line.

Anyways, this thread is to talk about a sellout streak that you, and/or our supporting members, caused to happen. Well that and the stuff we scheduled was not overabundant. But mostly you, because we didn’t fake it.

Our last 7 entire days sold out. Job done before midnight.

Here they are:

Thank you! And thank you if you’re a member because we’re member-supported.

Now. Do. Any. Of. You. Like. Mini-chocolate Stroopwafels? Know someone who might?