Daelmans 200-Count Mini or 64-Count Jumbo Stroopwafels

  • You can get 64 jumbo chocolate stroops
  • You can get 64 jumbo maple stroops
  • You can get 200 mini chocolate stroops
  • You can get 200 mini honey stroops
  • Or you can get a chocolate-honey-maple mini-jumbo quartet mix
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Don't Wafel, Be Decisive

We’ve got jumbo stroopwafels and we’ve got mini stroopwafels. The opposite poles of the stroop-spectrum. So which should you buy? Let’s break that decision down.

First off, you don’t have to worry about flavor. Your choices are: jumbo chocolate stroopwafels, jumbo maple stroopwafels, mini chocolate stroopwafels, and mini honey stroopwafels. And yes, there are subtle differences. The chocolate cookies with caramel in the middle–which is what the chocolate flavor is, btw; the filling is NOT chocolate–are going to taste a bit different than the normal cookies with maple. But, look, it’s not like your options are cherry-lime or tarragon-crab. They’re all sweet, gooey, and delicious.

What you really need to consider is the how and the how many.

Here’s what we mean by the how: do you want to do the classic stroopwafel thing where you put it over top of your coffee and let the middle warm up? Because, if you do, you’re gonna need to go with one of the jumbos. If you go mini, that’s not possible. Which might be a good thing, by the way. Because while the whole rest-it-on-the-coffee thing is fun and cute, it’s also annoying. After all, every second you leave it sitting there is a second you have to wait before eating delicious stroopwafels. With the minis, you can cut to the chase.

The how many is a bit more complicated. You see, the truth is “jumbo” might be an overstatement. They’re not the size of, say, three normal stroopwafels. More like one and change. In other words, they’re not SO big that you can eat one and satisfy your stroop-craving for a while. You’ll go back for another, which means you’ll eat closer to three servings of normal stroopwafel in one session. The minis, meanwhile, are, well, mini. So it would stand to reason that you could eat a few without it being a big deal. But there’s also the psychological element: the smaller the snack, the easier it is to convince yourself one more is no big deal. And then one more after that. And just one more after that. And just… well, you get it.

The point we’re making here is that this is a difficult decision. So choose wisely. Then again, no matter what you choose, you get delicious dutch treats, so maybe don’t worry so much about choosing wisely.

Just choose to buy some stroopwafels, please!

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