This or That, Day 8


So Syracuse was nice. First snow of the year made the trip home a little dicey but I got home safe, thanks for asking.

The extra couple hours I gave you seemed only to result in more diversions into the Golden Girls, debates on the political correctness of feminine iconography from the first half of last century, and some…interesting NSFW picture/gif selections. And, surprise surprise, Wonder Woman made yet another unannounced entrance. She’s really getting to be a publicity strumpet.

But in the end, it would appear that Daisy pulled out a squeaker. Wait – that would have been Minnie; Daisy pulled out a quacker.

Perhaps we went too far back in time to grab your attention, or at least to pull you away from whatever it is you were doing yesterday to garner minimally indifferent acknowledgement.

So I guess we’ll have to move things up a bit into more contemporary times…times when a different chick and duck were all that and a bag of chips.

Would it work if we pi-VOT to the 90’s?

Get your inner Unagi on and choose between

or Chandler