This or That, Day 12


I have to say, you are nothing if not committed. I didn’t measure it, but I would bet there were more inches of space dedicated to write-ins than to the official choices, including keeping the Wonder Woman meme going. I’d complain, but the flapper version of WW was a nice addition.

And for those who didn’t know either or at least Miss Fisher, it seemed her relative cuteness won the day.

So rather than switch things up, we’ll keep going in that direction, with a slight alteration. As we settle into Fall (or for some of us Winter!)…

…we start thinking about staying in, holidays, getting together with friends and family,

and foooood

So to get us thinking food, today’s choice is between two cooking show (loosely defined, different forums – don’t get all technical “unequal choices” on me) hosts. They may not be the best, they may not be your favorites, you may have never seen them before, but I caught one saying “meh” so that was fun, and they’re both Italian (or at least partly) so they have that going for them.

Besides, I’m convinced you’ll come up with some way to weave Wonder Woman into the thread. Just try to make it more creative than a picture of her eating.

Today it is
Rosanna Pansino

vs. Giada DeLaurentiis