Theoretical IRK Question

OnionSoup thought this was worth mentioning said

OK, this is purely theoretical because it probably won’t happen…

But say the allotted time expired without people buying the IRKs, would we be able to go back to a previous IRK for sale and buy it. (like we can Mehrathon items that we slept through now).

How could it happen? In reverse order of liklihood.

  1. A major data center that connects to Irk’s servers collapses.
  2. WW3 erupts and we’re all watching our television to see Slovakia in flames. (spoiler WW3 is everyone nuking Slovakia)
  3. Aliens zap earth with a stun ray knocking everyone out for 15 minutes.

It probably won’t happen… but if it did, could we go back and buy an IRK if the time runs out without the IRKs selling, or will we lose our opportunity?