The shaping of our community & a forum rules reminder


Here at Mediocre Labs my main job is to come up with the best ways to keep our community a fun and cool place to hang out that people are excited to visit every day. A really fun part of that is talking to you crazy people every day and coming up with giveaways, contests, and other creative content to keep you entertained. A more boring but just as necessary part of that is coming up with and enforcing the rules.

It’s telling in the best possible way that I’ve been able to be extremely lenient, and that approach has been received well, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have rules.

Here are all of our forum rules, they're pretty short so give them a quick read, but the main rules I want to focus on for this post are the "I" and “T” since they're (intentionally) vague.


I diocy - extremely stupid behavior. We like smart people.

T rolling - be constructive.

What does that actually mean?

It means that we want your posts to be good, funny, informative, interesting or at the very least relevant. I’m going to be more vigilant about removing posts that just don’t really add anything to the conversation. If you’re just going to post “meh” you should really think again – why is it meh? Is the price too high? Reviews too low? Bad experiences with the manufacturer? You gotta give us something.

I want to be extremely clear that this does not mean that we’re going to start cracking down and censoring anyone that has something negative to say about a product or Meh. We still totally want and encourage your honest feedback. The entire goal of these rules is to make the forums the best they can be.

Be sure to ask yourself the following before posting or replying:
"Is this post funny, informative, and/or interesting? Does it offer any substantial advice or contribute to the conversation in any way?"

If you answer yes to those questions, post away! If the answer is no then you should really think about it for a few minutes until you can be sure that your post is worth posting.

I truly believe that we have a great community full of great people but it’s going to take some work on both sides to keep it that way, I know we can do it!