The Merry Month of Meh-mas-Day 3 The Late Edition


For the love of all that is holy what do children get sick in December? First one kid gets sick than the other, then the wife or I and lastly whomever is left gets it.
Anyway I digress kids get sick because they are gross, they do not practice good personal hygiene (not that all adults do, you know I am talking about you George get off the couch and take a shower your mother does not want a body print of your perspiration on her couch in the basement at least take a shower snowflake) oh wait I am technically a millennial not sure how but I guess by definition I am barely a millennial so I guess I should be saying Ok Boomer to everything that someone from the baby boomer generation comes up with.
So what does everyone think of these stupid responses people have to each other? When did civility and the ability to listen go down the toilet?
On a lighter note the Fish and Invertebrates are coming. So fish tank updates will be forth coming.
Lastly male birth control. So this evening I made Mac and cheese and some hot dogs. My daughter likes to have the hot dog cut up and placed in the Mac and cheese. Ok fine, so I pull out the hot dog wiener (had to say it) and grab my kitchen sheets because I forgot to start the dishwasher and start snipping the hot dog and my loving wife comes up and says “yeah that’s pretty much a vasectomy” I died laughing. I guess even after 15 years she still is the best thing that has ever happed to me and it is our anniversary today. So back to those kids why is my anniversary present sick kids, killed my dinner plans and everything. Well could be worse we could be having another. And with that

/giphy snip your wiener