The annual attack of the State Fairs


Ours (Texas) suffered a COVID deflation last year, but it’s back.
24 days, football games, cheesy rides, fried food, barkers, butter, Big Tex. crowds, historical exhibits, fried food, other exhibits, various shows, and more fried food.
On a fairgrounds area big enough to eat much of Dallas.

So who could want more?
I could. They need to extend it another week and make the final 2 weeks heavy on the Halloween. Prizes and themed events. That would be a total success.

I’m not going this year (busy/out of town), but friends have already and had a grand time there.

Who is going? Who loves these? Who hates these?
enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

(I do hope these no super-spreading. Sigh.)