Thanksgoating – Day eighteen. Old Macdonald

capnjb had a video to watch said

We’ve been blessed in this society with the ability to walk into a grocery store and throw whatever we need or would like into our cart. We sit in the checkout mumbling to ourselves about how long it’s taking, then get our bags, toss them in the car, and go home. If I was a betting man, and I am, I’d wager that most folks don’t spend any time thinking about how what they’ve got in their bags got there.

Today I am thankful for farmers.

My father grew up in small town America. And the economy there was agriculturally driven. My grandfather was the manager of the local grain company. Worked hard days. My dad worked driving farm combines during harvest season. Earned his calluses. One summer… I think I was 7 or 8, we were driving from Seattle to Eastern Washington. There is a lot of nothing on that trip. But at one point my dad saw a harvester in the fields. He pulled over and when the harvester made a nearby pass, my dad waved him down. My dad and the driver had a brief chat and my dad basically said, ‘Hey… I used to do this. My son knows nothing about it, would you let him ride along for one pass?’ The guy was like… sure, I guess. And I got put in a 10 ton tractor with a complete stranger. It was the late 70’s. It was cool. And it was really cool.

I try to buy local whenever possible. If I ever see a farmers’ market, I’m pulling over and throwing cash. I’ve found local online co-ops for both meat and veg/fruit. It’s more expensive than the grocery store, but my vegetables don’t have barcoded stickers on them. And they are pretty great

So, thank you farmers everywhere! I’ll just leave this here… it made me chuckle.