Thanksgoating - Day 547 - Hats off


So it’s been a minute, so here is today’s fun story.

When I got sick about 2.5 years ago and had to learn how to use my legs again, I had a walker. Hated it. Needed it originally to get from the couch to the bathroom across the room for a bit. I eventually got a bit of strength and learned how to drive again, and my workout of choice was walking the aisles at Wegmans. I’d leave my walker in the car and just find the closest cart near me and that was my new walker. I’d get in the store and would just stroll… It was my zen spot. Just loved going slow. All the staff were awesome. I remember the first time I could cover every aisle (it’s not a small store). Anywho… I fell in love with Wegman’s and all the folks who make it so great.

I bought my cowboy hat a bit over a year ago, because after my thing I’m now pretty much a ‘Why the hell not?’ kind of guy. My favorite Wegmans cashier, Toni, always said she liked my hat. I told her one day that I’d get her one. That was probably over a year ago and it has been a running joke during check out every time I see her. Today I brought her her very first Stetson. It’s not a very fancy one, but my debt has been paid. Thank you Wegmans for all the free physical therapy

And again. sorry for all the words

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