Thanks, Meh.

studerc thought this was worth mentioning said

Thanks for being unapologetically you. 10 years and continuing to fight the good fight. I’m impressed, no doubt.

The community that has been built here over the past decade is something incredibly special and should continue to get the love and care it needs to thrive. Thanks to everyone who is a part of this community! Whether youve been here since the beginning, joined recently, or have been just lurking in the shadows and showing your face every once in awhile (this guy! ) each of us, collectively, make this place and space special.

I always enjoy swinging back into the forums and catching up with some, reminiscing, and having some fun!

Meh and our Mehrican community, thanks for being here and thanks for the past decade, here’s to many more!

Happy Birthday, Meh!

Be well, be safe, and keep impulsively purchasing things!

I shall now return once again to the shadows of the dark alley with my dear friend, Twofer Tuesday Temptress.