Tattoo yourself for a much lower value prize!


Leave it to a way higher value corporation to turn Meh’s stunt into a far shittier version with all the fun sucked out. The more details I read, the lamer this became. And I would bet that there are more conditions. In the fine print (there must be fine print on this deal) I bet Subway for life really means one 6", wheat bread only, maximum three vegetables and two condiments, per calendar week, with a non-disparagement clause for diarrhea.

I am way prouder to represent Meh with ink than this organized publicity stunt. But I bet there are some people who would flock to this. I wonder if they do background checks before giving someone an album-sized tattoo of their brand on their chest. Surely they learned something from Jared Fogle?

But in case you are interested in helping us get to the place where Terry Crews is a sleeveless president and shilling for inferior sandwiches with “celebrity” ink, get ready to go to Vegas: