ybmuG thought this was worth mentioning said

OK, so I’ve been on a lot lately, thanks to the Meh-rathon and the riveting story of a boy, @brainmist, and his wayward alien box, Cooler O’Noods.

Anyway, I just noticed an option at the bottom of the OP entry of each thread called “Subscribe”.

What is this subscribe?

Is it new?

Why would I want to subscribe?

What would it do for me that not subscribing isn’t doing?

Is there a special “Subscribers only” club?

Do you have meetings? A special handshake?

Have I been here 18 months and simply never seen it before?

Does this mean I am going blind?

What are my prospects?

Is it a tumor?

Should we name it?

I think I’ll call it Bob and imagine he’s like Bob Ross

Why am I obsessing about this?