Stupid question: should I buy a season pass to Six Flags Great America?


Honestly, it still kills me a little bit that it’s no longer Marriott’s Great America. And typing that out makes me want to boycott them. But that’s crazy.

Anyway, they’re having a season pass sale, and it’s $68.99 a person for now until the end of next year, with a free upgrade to the gold level, which includes free parking. I live within easy driving distance, yet have never been to Fright Fest. I’ve always WANTED to go, but not enough to ACTUALLY go. A day ticket allegedly retails for $79.99 without parking. There are usually deals for discount tickets through the website, the occasional credit union, on designated coke cans, etc. The website discounted ticket price is “as low as” $47.99. Daily parking is the insane price of $30.

Cons: I don’t actually like crowds or roller coasters (although I do love rides that spin me around in as many directions as simultaneously possible). I would have to buy a season pass for my mom as well, to have someone to go with, as my friends are cheap and/or poor. She is 78 and doesn’t like crowds or roller coasters that much more than I do (although she hates rides that spin her around in multiple directions simultaneously).

Pros: it’s pretty cheap if I got to Fright Fest twice, and then a couple of times next year to realize my dream of going to Great America to sit on a bench and bitch about how it used to be better. Previous years you had to buy a group of 4 to get the deal; this year it’s individual, so I don’t actually have to try to talk anyone into doing it with me (beyond my mom). Essentially, two people and parking for one day would be at least $126 if I ordered it online right now, and two season passes would be $138, but both passes come with a free ticket for a friend this fall and apparently there are specific days you can bring a friend for free during the year.

Other con: the site isn’t loading, which may mean I can’t buy season passes at all. Or is that a pro?