Spring/summer book club--what's everyone reading?

mossygreen went on a bit of a rant said

I’ve been very committed to reading stuff on my kindle recently. I just finished Grady Hendrix’s How to Sell a Haunted House and I really want to tell everyone I know about it, but I also want them to read it without spoilers, so I’m just like, it has puppets, you should read it. No one’s going to read it based on that. But whatever.

Before that I read The Book of the Most Precious Substance by Sara Gran, because someone I follow on twitter said (I paraphrase), “I liked the parts about book dealers, I didn’t like all the middle-aged sex in the second half.” And you know what? She was right. It was just OK. I would be willing to spoil that book.

Before that, I read The Second Shooter by Nick Mamatas, which was weird and good although the ending was disappointing. But it was a hard plot to wrap up, I give him credit for the attempt. The same person I follow on twitter described it as Thomas Pynchon crossed with Daniel Pinkwater, which is an irresistible description. It wasn’t as good as that sounds, but really, what could be?

Now I’m reading a kind of depressing book about the Secret Service (Zero Fail) and thinking about reading a vintage mystery which may be about a magician who solves crimes instead.