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PooltoyWolf went on a bit of a rant said

I just finished reading (most of) the TrackR Pixel thread. A ton of new members signed up with Meh to buy these devices, presumably having seen the deal on social media after CNET picked up on it. But to get to the point of my post: I was rather disappointed at the sheer number of replies in the TrackR thread from new users who were very disgruntled with their experience, and, among other things, vowed to never order from Meh again, report Meh to the BBB, and/or complain to others about their poor experience. While I do realize and acknowledge that the TrackR sale (much like the Quip toothbrush sale) experienced technical difficulties, I feel that it is unfair to judge the entire site, and the behavior and efficiency of its staff, based on one slightly subpar ordering experience…which brings me to my second point. Most orders for the TrackR were not lost or wrong (though a few did report missing pieces, and at least one person apparently received an empty package), but simply delayed, and by only a couple weeks…which is within the average order time window for most online retailers. I saw people complaining that they hadn’t received their orders after 3 or 4 days! I understand that a lack of tracking or updates can be frustrating, but ranting angrily about something never makes it better, and just reveals to others unflattering aspects of your character. Also keep in mind that many of these orders were for one dollar, and EVERY order, even with shipping, totaled less than $10. I may have been a bit more understanding if it’d been a $200 blender or something…nobody is losing tons of money on this one, and in the end, the orders made it to their destinations anyway, with an apology letter to boot. I hope at least a few of these new users decided to stick around and try Meh again in the future.

I have been a Mehmber for a comparatively long time, placing dozens of orders, and the worst thing that’s ever happened was when my hoverboard stopped working…customer service was polite, prompt, and sent me a brand new hoverboard in less than a week. Problems happen; nobody is perfect…but so far, I feel Meh has gone above and beyond when it comes to making things right and offering fun products at fire sale prices.

TL;DR - People really shouldn’t be so quick to judge, based on one experience.