Side Deal Palooza sale - "Old People Stuff". Seriously?

Kidsandliz went on a bit of a rant said

Hey meh - so how old is old enough to be negatively stereotyped by meh as old? Anyone over 17? A 9 year old I know stated everyone over 17 is old. I asked him how many years until he is 17. Once he figured that out I then asked him if he’d be old in 8 years. He looked horrified and told me, “No way!!!”. I then asked him how old is old. He then said, “18.”.

Of course I had a twenty something student state in class that old people, which was everyone over 40 when I asked for clarification, should retire to give the young people a chance. Plenty of heads nodded in agreement. I told him I’d love to retire at that age and then be supported by society in the style in which I’d like to become accustom since I’d have not worked the needed 27-30 extra years to be able to save enough for that; retirement for potentially 50 or 60 years would be so much fun. He, and others, were equally as horrified at how expensive that would be for them and decided that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all; that 40 was too young to be forced to retire.

Age stereotyping is insulting to many of us over the age of 17. Even more so to those of us over 40. By the way, my mother says you are not old until you are 104. So I guess no one should look at those items for sale unless you have already turned 104?