Serious question

Star2236 went on a bit of a rant said

So it’s just your husband and you living in a house, no kids, no pet. How often do you deep clean your house? Meaning, clean the bathroom top to bottom, vacuum/sweep and wash/wax the floors, dust, polish furniture, and clean the entire kitchen. And your house doesn’t get dirty besides everyday traffic for the two of you, which are pretty clean people. I’m not taking about what you do during the week to tidy up or clean up after cooking, I’m talking a full house clean. And I don’t want answers to make yourself look good, I want real answers. If it’s once every once a month or more please be honest. I’m arguing with my partner bc 1950 housewives don’t exist anymore and no one has time to do this shit on a weekly basis (maybe you do). If you do, what do you do for a living? And how do you have time to do it. Please let me know. I really try to do it every two weeks but sometimes it goes to three weeks buts that’s not saying I don’t clean stuff in between (like the toilets, vacuum the floors, wipe down all of the kitchen, clean the couches, dust). At the very most I might wait a month inbetween a full house clean when I’m super busy but I’ve still been cleaning stuff inbetween. I’m talking the kind of clean like your cleaning for having lots of company coming over and you want you house to look good ( my partner is an ocd neat freak when it comes to the house being clean and things being put away). Please let me know.