Secret IRK codes...


My latest IRK contained a secret code… I’m sure it isn’t just random or anything, it can’t be.

IRK reveal post here

As it turns out, my IRK contained a hand-written clue in teal ink on a green sticky note - if it weren’t a secret code, why would it be written with an odd color choice like that?!

I’ve spent most of this morning attempting to decipher the secret meaning. “R04” in a circle, with an additional number “153218”. Extensive research(*) shows that the large number could be referring to a Manhattan DisplayPort to HDMI cable (I have enough of those), or perhaps refers to a human gene identified in adrenal, stomach, and testis DNA samples (SPINK13, serine peptidase inhibitor Kazal type 13 (human)), in which case I’m wondering if this refers to Paula Deen (branding on an item I received in the IRK)? Who knows… The “R04” code is an ICD-10-CM code for a pretty serious condition - “Hemorrhage from respiratory passages”. Nosebleeds aren’t exactly rare, but how does this connect to the IRK proceeds? I’m wondering if this is the warning not to shove the IRK-supplied meh toothbrushes up my nose? Who “nose”!!?

(*) A few searches using Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button

Did anyone else get a secret hand-written note with theirs, and what do we all think they mean?? Post below!

Purposely taken with a potato so as to ensure others can’t see the high-resolution detail that might give a super-secret IRK location away:

Secret IRK message