Request for Official Office "lower" than Scapegoat


As @joelmw has christened me (*that term seems odd here) "The Satan of Meh & Its Community HERE I'd like to request

  1. I'm never able to hold the title of scapegoat of meh
  2. A new office (WITH ICON) be created for "The Satan of Meh" with myself as the inaugural title holder.

Hear me out: This 'omsbuddishman / generally hated (BUT NECESSARY [hat tip: @teripie / Legend]) office (and officer) would bear not the "blame" for things that go wrong and the crap that is offered by but would be more of a "Emmanuel Goldstein-esque" figure for the fragile (@joelmw & others) to heap upon the office holder not two-minutes hate...but Months and months of hate...

This office would require a DETHRONING ... someone would have to become MORE hated than the current office holder... and the prize would be a charming little devil icon based off the grand OS mascot shown at the top of this post!

The goat can get the blame but the Satan of can get the hate!