One of our list members, @Aussemjared, desperately needs help.


In the July goat thread @Aussemjared mentioned a bit about his family’s financial struggles with his wife’s ovarian cancer (she is just 29, she was in remission and it returned as stage 4 with mets in her liver). People gave him suggestions for were to apply for financial help which he did and was awarded some aid (although those funds don’t even come close to meeting the needs of cancer patients and their families). He and I have been privately communicating since then.

Last week they had traveled to Seattle Cancer Care (one of the top cancer centers in the country) to see if there were any clinical trials or anything more that could be done. Late last night he let me know that tragically she was not eligible for any trials and there are no more treatments left she can try (her most recent treatment for her relapse had failed). Her liver is now failing and she is dying. Obviously they are both devastated and grieving.

He started a gofundme a while back when there was still hope. Now between his wife no longer working (she was working in July), him taking time off for medical apts and to be with her (so reduced income because of that too), and the expenses of in home hospice, unpaid earlier medical bills… his family is struggling financially. He gave me permission to post his gofundme.

Please think about helping out his family and supporting him both financially so he can spend more time at home with her and emotionally as he struggles to cope with his wife’s impending death.