Oh My Goat! What have I dung?


Chronicle of a goat.

I had this crazy idea for a meh scapegoat shit list. Not literally (that would just be gross), but almost literally. Yaknow, like all of the shit that the goat gets blamed for. I don't know why I think this is a good idea. Your asking me why I think it's a good idea feels like a test. No one told me there'd be a test.

Feel free to ignore this thread. Or you can help maintain it. I'm not begging for help. But gods know I need it. I mean, fuck, @Thumperchick, @cengland0 and @lisaviolet are annoying as hell overachievers, what with the gifs and the always being on top of stuff.

I promise to be far more meh.

Oh, and, yeah, @joelmw sometimes talks about himself in the third person. Like Bob Dole. And Julius Caesar. It's weird, because it feels odd to him to speak of the goat in the first person. That feels somehow megalomaniacal. Ha, as if megalomaniacal people don't speak of themselves in the third person.

BTW, here's my chosen goat. He's all laden with the burden of the human quest for meaning. And, see, there's a book. Because words.

And, oh fuck, I'm so not ready for this.