Oh, Good Grief!


I really think think some soul searching is required by the constituency of this community (including @JonT). Have things gotten so bad here that I am really your best choice for goat? To quote @Barney, "@mfladd is going to be goat? Gee, things have really gone downhill around here. :)" I couldn't agree more.

I also am really excited to follow @Starblind with his/her brilliant "IRK'S BREAKFAST QUEST!" Let's look at it this way - with @Starblind you got Snoopy (Joe Cool).

With me, you are getting Charlie Brown (mediocrity at it's finest).

I do promise to run a contest of some kind. I am still working on it (crosses fingers and looks @hollboll). But the contest will not take place until later in the month due to my responsibilities to Team Breakfast Octopi for gishwhes. If I do not complete my assigned tasks I will certainly be ostracized from this community.

P.S. You are an amazing community, and I thank you for accepting Charlie Brown into it :)