Need opinions RE internet speed

moondrake went on a bit of a rant said

I got baited and switched by AT&T at the Direct TV kiosk at Costco. They said I’d be able to get 50mbps internet thru AT&T as part of their package with Direct TV. The package I bought was supposed to be Direct TV with 3 free months of premium channels plus 50mbps internet for $80 month for 2 years (this may not include taxes). I am currently paying just under $100 for Sling plus Spectum 50mbps internet. This seemed like a great deal as I could get local channels (I can’t receive them normally), have 3mos of premium stuff, and still have the same internet and channels I have on Sling for about the same price I’m paying, for the cost of all the aggravation of switching internet.

Although their own website says I can get speeds up to 75mbps at my address, AT&T insists that only 10mbps are available, and thats what they’re coming to install tomorrow. So now I have to decide if I’m willing to take an 80% reduction in internet speed to get better TV programming.

I don’t understand this stuff very well, I don’t know how much being ratcheted back to 1980s internet speeds is going to affect my usage. Supposedly AT&T’s lines are better. But if it’s going to lag and drag when I stream those Direct TV shows on my tablet in the screen room then there’s no point in having it. If I’m going to lose more Hearthstone matches due to disconnects or slow service then there’s not point in switching. What do you guys think? Is 10mbps enough? I don’t know if I can even back out at this point as the Direct TV has been installed.