My goat car accident

Star2236 thought this was worth mentioning said

So Monday morning I was in a car accident. I’m not physically hurt besides my pride. I have horrible headache (again) and my back hurts and so does my car. I was driving to a new dr office, didn’t know the area, lady was in my blind spot and Fucking BAM. I was actually up on her car, she had to drive off me and left quit a few pieces of my car in the road. Then I spent 2 hours in my car trying to get it to go into gear bc it wouldn’t. It was a horrible day. I pride myself on being a good driver (no tickets/accidents in over a decade) my sister gets in accidents at least once a year, has totaled more cars than I can remember. My moms horrible, stepdads is scary as fuck to be in the car with, like seriously close your eyes and pray. My brothers aren’t any better. I must take after my dad who is a good/safe driver. And yes I obviously got a ticket for this whole ordeal for impeding traffic.
So when’s the last time you were in an accident and how bad was it? Was it your fault?