Mehntasy Football 2020

zinimusprime thought this was worth mentioning said

It’s alive! That’s because I’m going to reopen it.

What is this thing that is alive and resurrected, you ask? The fantasy football league! For those of you that were in the league last year, you’ve got until 11:59pm on 8/31 to log in and claim your spot. Otherwise, it goes to someone that wants in. Roster size will depend on how many people are in the league just like last year.

Lastly, it’s FREE! Based on what I know about you guys, that’ll be your favorite part. If everyone wants to change that and play for a pool (probably $20/person), I’d be down for that too.

Whisper your email addresses to me and let the games begin (unless the pandemic takes another thing I love).

P.S. Comment like crazy on this so it stays as a popular topic.