Meh needs to accept toilet paper…apparently


Ever since we mentioned one little stat about toilet paper in our Year One Stats our lovely community has been quite…generous.

But it hasn't stopped there…

I don't know why I'm surprised that there are so many different varieties of custom toilet paper.

There was even some "wedding print" TP

Thanks @tHumperchick & @connorbush (and whoever else sent this stuff in without telling us who you are)!

We are now much more well stocked.

Next year I'm going to make sure we included a stat about how many dollars I've spent and hope the same thing happens. So please definitely DON'T send any cold, hard cash to me (and don't don't forget to mark it ATTN: JonT).

Thanks for the TP, weirdos! Maybe we should make a covert run over to Woot HQ…