Meh, I sacrificed my right, er, left arm for you

Barney posted a pic said

So… I can’t get the purple ink off my arm. It now looks like I got into a bottle of Mercurochrome. The WHOLE bottle.

I tried acetone, rubbing alcohol, and WD40. Nope the ink won’t come off.

I had an early breakfast meeting this morning. (I had to pretend to be an adult.) Anyway, I slapped on a huge band-aid and almost immediately, my arm started to itch and turn red. I removed the band-aid.

With nothing else to put on my arm I went to my meeting wearing my best smile and this:
enter image description here

There was no way to hide my “tattoo”, so I just told the truth, hoping they didn’t think I was a complete nut job. Well it worked out okay, everyone had a good laugh. AND there might be some new mehtizens coming to Meh.